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True to Nature
Here are just a few of the ways we keep camp eco-friendly:
● Solar Power & Water Heating
● Recycled Plastic Bunk Bends
● Paper Use Reduction
● Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
● Environmental Education
● Tree Planting
● Organic Gardening & Farming
● Compact Flourescent Lighting
● Waterless Urinals
● Composting & Recycling Programs

We Won a Green Beanie Award!

The competition honored Jewish organizations that are showing an inspiring commitment to environmentalism and tikkun olam.
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Green Beanie Award

Check Out Our Solar Energy Stats!

Camp JCA Shalom and the Shalom Institute have partnered with Fat Spaniel Technologies to monitor some of our solar energy:
Click here to view the Conference Center
Click here to view the Emma Stern Center
Click here to view the Hillel Retreat House

Solar Energy Stats

We're doing more online and less on paper!

Camp JCA Shalom is proud to be transitioning into an entirely online-based operations system. Our camp registration is already online, resulting in hundreds of trees being saved every year. When the occasion calls for it...we use recycled paper for our forms and promotions.
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Reduce Paper Use
JCA is True to Nature
We Are True to Nature