Camp Stories

Winning the Maccabia Games every single session I was a camper and/or counselor. Undefeated! 🙂
—Leo Varshavsky

Hiking Greyback. Slushy Meadows. Underwear on the flagpole. VW in the chow hall. Kathy nature. Singing camp songs in the back of a steakbed truck. Capture the flag.
—Marc Abramson, 1967-1969

Loved the wealth of activities to do; never a dull moment. Shabbats were always special, singing songs arm in arm, gathering ‘round the campfire.
—Leah Morrison, 1982-1990

I was in TASC, working with Ron Hirson, Sol Lipman and Earl Prince to erect the Shalom sign. Yup, that was me.
—David Speiser, 1995-2004

Spending Shabbats at camp, singing American Pie and just feeling happy every moment I was there.
—Romi Cohen, 1991-1993

The overall feeling of being part of an amazing, loving Jewish community. It has stuck with me all these years and today I am packing up both daughters for their first overnight camp experience at JCA. I couldn’t be happier.
—Felice Azorsky, 1980 – 1981


I am so thankful for the amazing music program that JCA offered. I learned amazing music at a young age and carry that with me till this day. I loved everything, and still some of my best memories were at JCA: Talent Show, Zip Line, Banana Point, Mud Gaga!
—Jessica Bateman-Nadler

During Maccabia I was a counselor for the yellow team. We weren’t fabulous athletically, but we rocked the final song competition. Ours was to “Back in the High Life Again”: Back in the camp life again / now that Maccabia’s over we all can be friends! It was such a high to perform it and then to win.
—Lisa Cohen, early 90s

Met my husband at camp in 1993 and got married at camp in 2009!
—Alexandra Spitz, 1993

I loved star gazing, how amazingly quiet the nights were, seeing wild animals run across the fields in the morning and the warm feeling I would get from all of the friendly faces around camp. It is an absolutely magical place that I am so fortunate to be a part of.
—Julie Elbogen, 1999

My best memory was my first year as Barry- Pool & Lake at Barton Flats. I made the best friends that summer! Loved teaching kids how to canoe!
—Barry Sterling, 1980-1982

Midnight hikes in the moonlight.
—JJ Turner-Mcmullen, 1989-1991