Job Opportunities

We break our staff down into four different categories. They are:



Nothing beats being a summer camp counselor! Counselors often make or break the camp experience for campers.  You’ll learn how to manage and motivate a team, become one with the great outdoors, develop lifelong friendships and make a difference in a camper’s life. Camp counselors are expected to supervise & engage kids all day long and be positive role models.

Our staff people may work with a different age group in each of our three sessions.  We are looking for individuals who feel comfortable (or are willing to try) working with different age groups. The units throughout camp are organized into units of typically 35 to 60 campers and seven to ten counselors. Each unit has its own Unit Head who gives direction to the counselors and oversees the program.


Most specialists live in cabins with campers but unlike counselors, who are with the same group all day long, specialists run activities all day long with different groups of campers. Most specialists positions require prior experience with that specialty. Some example of specialists are: Arts & Crafts, Archery, Ropes Course, Garden/Farm, Photographer, Mountain Biking, Lifeguard, Pioneer Living, and Sports.  In addition to their specific program areas, most specialists live in camper cabins and are expected to assist counselors when not running activities.

Support Staff

Camp JCA Shalom offers a variety of non-program staff opportunities.  These include kitchen, schlep, maintenance, camp nanny, housekeeping, nurses and office staff.  These positions play a significant role in the everyday operation of camp.  They vary in work schedule, and most of them involve some kind of rotating night responsibilities.



Supervisors are Unit Heads, heads of specialty areas, CIT (Counselor-In-Training Staff), and Program Assistants.  There are typically very few of these positions available each summer, and as a result are very competitive.  Prior camp experience is almost always required.