Why Camp JCA Shalom?

Our Story

For almost 70 years, Camp JCA Shalom has been the “Camp for All Seasons,” providing thousands of campers and counselors with adventures, friendships and memories that last a lifetime. From our youngest campers to our counselors-in-training, Camp JCA Shalom promises a transformative experience that keep campers and staff returning each year.

As our rebuild process in Malibu continues, we run camp at our summer home in the Angeles National Forest. Day trips and overnights at our Malibu campus are amplified by exciting adventures on our brand new ropes course and rock wall.

Cabin Centered Camping

We believe that one of the best and most important parts of camp is building lifelong friendships so, with the exception of a few hours of the day, the cabin group is doing all of their activities together. 

By the end of the session, the bunk will have had successes and challenges as a cabin, shared fun and hilarious moments, even extremely meaningful and inspirational moments too! This approach is one of the things that differentiates Camp JCA Shalom.  


Providing a safe environment for your child is our top priority and we make every effort to ensure their emotional and physical wellbeing.  There is a team of onsite licensed medical professionals 24/7 to care for the daily needs of campers and we are fully prepared for any emergencies.  We are accredited by the American Camp Association and follow all national and local safety guidelines. 

Counselors and Staff

Our amazing staff provide a warm and supportive environment so that campers can experience living, learning, and playing in a group setting that encourages personal growth and self-discovery. Staff must be both at least 17-years of age and high school graduates. All of our staff are carefully selected and trained by our senior leadership team. Before any campers arrive, all staff members participate in an on-site training that includes workshops led by our senior leadership, outside professionals, and industry experts. 


Every year, Camp JCA Shalom is one of North America’s top-rated camps in “communication.” The camp director sends an email every day, along with daily photos that can be accessed by parents and family members for free!

man teaching something outside while sitting on a stone wall.

Disconnecting in Order to Connect

The best parts of camp are that campers can focus on the deep relationships that are built free from the distractions of the “outside world,” so camp is an unplugged zone! (Meaning that electronics with interactive screens are not allowed at camp.)

Radically Inclusive

Part of sending your camper to camp is giving them the gift of being surrounded by people from around the world, who have different backgrounds, different strengths and abilities, different religious backgrounds and practices, and different life experiences. Being part of this inclusive community allows kids to become more well-rounded, develop a greater sense of empathy, and be more compassionate.

Focus on Nature, Environment, Sustainability

Camp JCA Shalom’s vision of Tikkun Olam – creating a better world – is fulfilled through a positive Jewish living experience in the natural setting while learning and living as sustainably as possible. Camp is eco-friendly in a number of ways including: reduction of paper use, green cleaning products, organic gardening & farming, environmental education, and more! 

MESSH Team (Mental, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Health) 

Our MESSH Team is dedicated to working with campers, counselors, parents, and staff to identify tailored approaches for everyone to succeed at camp. Leaving the comfort of home and familiar routine is an adjustment for everyone. Our primary goal is to help ease that transition and to problem-solve when needed. The MESSH team understands that social, emotional (including homesickness), and behavioral challenges are inevitable at camp. Therefore, our aim is to approach/handle each unique situation with care, in turn allowing for difficult experiences to become opportunities for immense growth, learning and social/emotional development.


Campers participate in a variety of programs and activities daily, make new and lasting friendships, and develop a wealth of new skills and interests. Kids experience activities like arts & creativity, swimming, sports, ropes course, gardening, dance, archery, and team building. All-camp programs include Color War, Israel Day, Shabbat, Israeli Dancing, beach trips, camping trips, visits to our Malibu campus and more! 

Great Food

We take pride in serving healthy and delicious food. Our carefully prepared menus are “kid-friendly” and varied. Every meal has a vegetarian meal option and our kitchen can accommodate many special dietary needs or restrictions. We our delighted that our fresh salad bar is filled with lettuce and herbs from our hydroponic garden towers at camp. Camp JCA Shalom is a nut-free camp. 

plate of quick breads.

Jewish Values

Judaism at camp is designed to be fun, interesting, child-friendly, and has multiple entry points for campers with little or no Jewish background. Campers have a great opportunity to connect with their Judaism in a way that has meaning for them. 

group of teens in white leaning on each other and singing.
teens sitting in folding chairs outside watching a performance on a basketball court.

a positive Jewish living experience

Build lifelong meaningful relationships