Radical Inclusion

aerial view of a number of groups of teens on a wide open court outside at dusk.

We are blessed to have staff and campers with a variety of backgrounds and differences. When people enter through camp’s gates and join our “safe space,” or shalom bayit, we value each individual for who they are. When you send your child to camp, you give them the gift of being with people from around the world, who have different backgrounds, different strengths and abilities, different religious backgrounds and practices, and different life experiences. Being part of this diverse community allows campers to become more well-rounded, develop a greater sense of empathy, and be more compassionate.

At Camp JCA Shalom, we are proud of our affirming and inclusive environment. Our camp is a safe haven where our campers and staff feel affirmed and celebrated for being their most authentic and best selves each summer, and all year long.

A camp that embraces inclusion at the core of its mission brings everyone to the table to share in responsibility for the wellbeing of all in its community. This shared responsibility creates opportunities for shared growth, shared learning, and shared joy.

A note about Nonbinary, Gender Fluid, Gender-Nonconforming, and Transgender Campers

We welcome all campers, and embrace each other’s individuality. ALL campers and staff are welcome at Camp JCA Shalom, and individuals are placed in the cabin of the gender that matches their gender identity. In other words, your camper may have a transgender camper in their cabin. In our attempts to not single-out and to protect the privacy of our transgender, nonbinary, gender fluid, gender-nonconforming campers, we will not contact the other families in the cabin to make them aware of this.